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Product Applications

Hydro Engineering, Inc. has assisted thousands of clients around the world with state-of-the-art equipment for washing, collecting, and recycling wash water. We provide Best Available Technology for safe industrial pressure washers, recycling and filtration equipment, and above ground steel portable/permanent wash racks. Hydro's dedicated Project Management Team, including: Engineering, Manufacturing, and Service can provide a solution that is tailor made to your unique needs.

Below are just a few examples of customers and industries that we have served since 1980.

Pressure Washers


When applications require an industrial continuous duty pressure washer, you should consider a Hydro Engineering Inc. Hydroblaster.

We built our first Hydroblaster pressure washer in 1980 and since then have developed hundreds of different models and configurations. Hydroblasters are among the safest pressure washers in the world. They are certified to UL and CSA standards and conform to CE standards.

Hydroblaster pumps can be powered by electric motors, gasoline or diesel engines, and pneumatic motors. Systems may be stationary when provisioned with skid or floor mounts or portable on casters, tires or trailer mounting. Hydroblaster water heating systems may be fueled with electricity, oil (diesel, kerosene, JP4 or JP8), LP gas or natural gas. With water flows up to 60 GPM and pressures to 5000 PSI, it is likely that we have just the system for your application.

We can a deliver pressure washer that is safe, reliable and will meet your needs.

Equipment Wash Rack


Hydropads are arrayed to create a wash rack that will meet job specific equipment washing and wash water recovery requirements. Modular Hydropad systems are available with vehicle capacities up to 75 tons per axle. They are deployed above grade, require a minimal amount of site work and can be relocated when requirements change.

Build a wash rack with approach/depart ramps, overspray containment walls, awnings, remote equipment control stations, wash water collection and filtration options, drive over ramps for vehicle undercarriage access and perimeter catwalks.

Hydropads provide the building blocks for wash racks. Take control of equipment washing goals; get in compliance with EPA rules, promote an environmentally supportive 'green' company image and get the job done.

Wash water Filtration


Hydro Engineering, Inc. has been supplying water recycling systems for equipment and vehicle washing applications since 1986. We are experts at determining what will work for your application.

Hydrokleen filtration and recycling equipment is modular. This allows it to be configured to provide a solution tailored to satisfy specific effluent discharge or recycling requirements. From solids settling, solids filtration, oil coalescing and skimming, bioreactors, pathogen control, emulsified oil filtration, metals removal, BOD or COD reduction, we can provide a water filtration solution to satisfy water recycling or discharge requirements.

Specialty Products

Specialty Products

Product innovation has been key to our success for 35 years. Often the best ideas come from partnerships with customers. Our Instant Car Wash system and Instant Aircraft Wash offer construction-free solutions for your vehicle and aircraft wash needs. If you need a wash rack, but don't have equipment room space, check out our Hydrosite portable equipment enclosures. Wheel wash and undercarriage wash, you should look into our Automatic Undercarriage Wash System, or our Disinfectant Application System. Let us know how we can be of service.

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