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Truck Wash Racks, Automatic and Hand Wash

Hydro Engineering, Inc. designs, builds, provides installation assistance and services for drive-through and handheld truck washing systems. A complete wash rack can include Hydropad above ground containment steel wash pads, Hydroblaster wash equipment and Hydrokleen recycling systems. Drive-through undercarriage wash, side and top wash can be added, automating the truck wash system.

Truck Wash Saves Thousands by Recycling Wastewater

The Wash Rack

The Wash Rack, a commercial truck wash in Salt Lake City, had a monthly water bill of $1375. After installing Hydro Engineering Inc's Hydrokleen waste water filtration and recycling system, their water bill dropped to $635.

That's a $740 savings each month.

What could you do with $8,880.00 or more in bottom line profits, every year?

A few months later, due to the lower contamination rates in his discharged wastewater, the sewer department re-rated his account dropping cost from $3.26 per 1,000 gallons to $0.75 cents thus saving The Wash Rack another $791.00 on each bill. That's another $4,746.00 per year bringing his total savings up to $13,626.00

The Wash Rack Water Analysis

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