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Industrial Pressure Washers

We built our first Hydroblaster industrial pressure washer in 1980 and since then have developed hundreds of different models and configurations. Hydroblasters pressure washers certified to UL CSA and CE standards are among the safest industrial pressure washers in the world.

Electric motors, gasoline or diesel engines, or pneumatic motors can power Hydroblasters industrial pressure washers. Hot water Hydroblaster industrial pressure washer can be heated with electricity, oil (diesel, kerosene, JP4 or JP8), LP or Natural gas. With water flows up to 60 GPM and pressures to 5000 PSI, it is likely there is a Hydroblaster industrial pressure washfor every application. Whether you have 50 or 60 Hertz power, we can deliver a system to meet your needs.

Enhance your maintenance program with a Hydroblaster pressure washer

Everything gets dirty and a maintenance program that includes periodic cleaning with Hydroblaster pressure washers provide safe, reliable, efficient and economically advantages to your maintenance routine.

Stationary, portable, cold or hot water, Hydroblasters are the safest industrial pressure washers built.

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