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Automatic Reclaim

Automatic Screen Reclaiming, ARS

In 1980 Hydro Engineering, Inc. set the standard when we introduced 3000 PSI reclaiming to the screen print industry. Screen printers immediately started saving money on labor, chemicals and other related costs.

Now, we're introducing a way to get the gun out of your employee's hands.

The ARS Roll-Over System; just like the automatic carwash where you wash your car, you drive in and park, and the carwash does the work. The ARS roll-over holds the screen stationary, and then its cleaning head passes over the screen, cleaning both sides simultaneously. Safe, simple, and best of all, the ARS takes the pressure washer gun from your employee's hands.

The ARS-1 Conveyor Reclaim System; The ARS-1 conveyor allows you to run one screen after another, making automatic reclaiming even faster. The ARS-1 cleans both sides simultaneously, removing the pressure washer gun from your employee's hands.


Over Double The Screen Production in 25% Less Time

"This machine is everything I wanted it to be, it is great!"

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It's an investment in your company and like anything else it pays to get the best

"On an average we strip anywhere from a low of 24 screens to 100 and up a day."

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