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PDFPrivacy Policy
PDFCredit Application
PDFVender PO Terms and Conditions
PDFOur Policy on Freight Damage
PDFReturn Goods Authorization
PDFHydropad Site Evaluation Form
PDFLean Manufacturing At Hydro Engineering

Safety Certifications

UL, CE and CSA Standards are applied to our products

The following organization's quality management system has been assessed and registered by Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc. as conforming to the requirements of: ISO 9001:2015

The Quality Management System is applicable to: Design and manufacture of wash rack systems including; Hydroblaster pressure washers, Hydropad above ground wash pads, and Hydrokleen waste water filtration and recycling equipment.
PDFISO 9001 Certificate of Registration


PDFAuthorization to Mark

Most Hydroblasters - Pressure Washing equipment is certified to UL and Canadian CSA standards

PDFAuthorization to Mark
All Hydrokleen - Wastewater Treatment/Recycling systems are certified to UL and Canadian CSA standards

PDFAuthorization to Mark
All Hydrosite - Integrated Cleaning and Recycling systems are certified to UL and Canadian CSA standards

PDFAuthorization to Mark
pH Monitoring Systems are certified to UL and Canadian CSA standards


Testing of our Hydroblaster and Hydrokleen equipment was completed in December of 2008.  Hydro Engineering is poised to sell its complete line of products to locations where CE Certification is a must.  Additional products are now being tested and will also be cETLus Certified.

ISO 9001

SDS Sheets

PDF4CD597 Activated Carbon
PDFCTM-5 Car & Truck Magic
PDFGK-5 Grease Killer
PDFHS-300 Hydrosorb filter media
PDF3RG760 Flocculent
PDFHBD-O Hydro-Biodigesters Oil Waste, dry powder
PDFHBD-1 Hydro-Biodigesters Waste, dry powder
PDFHBD-6 Hydro-Biodigesters Stabilized Liquid
PDFHBDN-6 Hydro-Biodigesters Nutrient Liquid
PDFHow To Use Hydro-Biodigesters
PDF4093 Anti-foaming agent

Product Specifications


PDFHigh Pressure Nozzle Chart

Cold Water Pressure Washers

E Series - GPM (LPM) @ PSI (BAR)

EI Series - GPM (LPM) @ PSI (BAR)

G Series - GPM (LPM) @ PSI (BAR)

GS Series - GPM (LPM) @ PSI (BAR)

PDFP1 1-3 GPM @ 2000 PSI
PDFDemucker 30/200E - High Volume Single Pump
PDFDemucker Dual 60/200E - High Volume Dual Pump
PDFDemucker Single Gun 25/500E - High Volume Single Gun
PDF65E-CHT or 65D-CHT  CHT Cleaning System 6 GPM @ 5000 PSI Electric or Diesel

Hot Water Pressure Washers

CLGV Series - GPM (LPM) @ PSI (BAR)

CLOV Series - GPM (LPM) @ PSI (BAR)

EE Series - GPM (LPM) @ PSI (BAR)

EHGV Series - GPM (LPM) @ PSI (BAR)


EHOV Series - GPM (LPM) @ PSI (BAR)

GHO Series - GPM (LPM) @ PSI (BAR)

GOVS Series - GPM (LPM) @ PSI (BAR)

GSOV Series - GPM (LPM) @ PSI (BAR)

SSOV Series - GPM (LPM) @ PSI (BAR)

PDFSteam Cleaners 4 GPM @ 200 PSI, 300° F.


Hydroblaster Single Axle Trailers
PDFSingle Axle 125
PDFSingle Axle 225
Hydroblaster Tandem Axle Trailers
PDFTandem Axle Trailer 325
PDFTandem Axle Trailer 425
PDFTandem Axle Trailer 525
PDFNitrans Nitrogen Delivery Trailer

Aircraft Wash Systems

PDF5/3000GHOTT/M Corrosion Control System
PDF5/3000GHOTT/M-ST Steerable Axle, Corrosion Control System
PDF5/3000GHOTT/AWS AGSE Approved Aircraft Wash System
PDFADWS-TT AGSE Approved Aircraft Deluge Wash System
PDFATAWS AGSE Approved Advanced Total Aircraft Wash System

Turbine Engine Washing Systems

PDF2/045D-TEWS-C Specification NSN, 4940-01-514-0087
PDF12/075TEWS-DST Specification   Large Aircraft Turbine Engine Wash

Pressure Washer Accessories

PDFAbrasive Application Unit - Wet Blasting
PDFChemical Mix Station and Rinse Station
PDFHydrofoamer spec sheet
PDFHydro Heater Natural Gas Specs - 2-5 GPM @ 1,000-4,000 PSI
PDFHydro Heater Lp Gas Specs - 2-5 GPM @ 1,000-4,000 PSI
PDFHydro Heater Oil Fired Specs - 2-5 GPM @ 1,000-4,000 PSI
PDFMultiblaster Remote Control
PDFRemote Equipment Module
PDFSolution Mix Station


Hydropad Portable Wash Rack


Hydropad Attachments

Hydrobooth Specifications

PDFVented Hydrobooth Specifications
PDFUnvented Hydrobooth Specifications


Hydrokleen Specifications

PDFCFS3 Solids Filter
PDFCMAFU-2 Automatic Solids Filter

RST Recycle Storage Tank

SST Solids Settling Tank

OCS Oil/Water Separator

PDFHE/S1 Oil/ Water Separator
PDFHE/S1-H Oil/ Water Separator W/Hydrosorb

Stand Alone Bioreactor

PDFACF3 10 GPM Hydrokleen
PDFHE/3000 Single Stage Polishing Loop
PDFHE/5000 Single Stage Polishing Loop W/ Oil Coalescing
PDFHE/7000 Dual Stage Polishing Loop W/Oil Coalescing
PDFHE/8000 25 GPM, Oil/ Water separator, dual polishing loop, using two different filter medias
PDFSPL30 Polishing Filtration to 50 GPM Continuous
PDFDPL30 Dual Polishing Filtration to 50 GPM Continuous
PDFpH Controller pH Monitor and dosing system

Support Materials

US Army Corps of Engineers Wastewater Safety Study

Important Wastewater Safety Information

Patents Covering Our Products

• Portable Wash Pads & Fluid Containment (US patent 6,799,591 B2) View PatentPDF

• Low Profile Non-Clogging Non-Polluting Surface Treating Pads, Assemblies and Methods (US Patent 7,530,362 B2)
View PatentPDF